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Best Schools in Lakewood


A thorough education prepares children for adulthood. Families often search for the best schools when deciding where to live. Lakewood offers many educational facilities, some of which come highly rated. If you are thinking about raising your kids in the city, here are a few of the most popular schools to consider.

Lake Louise Elementary School

Home of the cougars, Lake Louise Elementary School, is one of the most sought-after schools in Lakewood. The campus welcomes students in grades PK-5, and approximately 440 students walk through the doors each morning. When students finish their time here, they are more than ready to enter the next stage of their school career.

The principal at Lake Louise strives to keep all learning programs as modern as possible. Instead of relying solely on textbooks, the school utilizes a variety of educational apps. Giving students access to technology at an early age will help them prepare for higher-paying jobs down the road.

Hudtloff Middle School

Students in grades 6-8 will feel right at home at Hudtloff Middle School. The preteen years can be treacherous, but the staff at this campus goes the extra mile to ensure all students have a rewarding learning experience. The goal is to make sure every child feels safe and has a role to help contribute to the success of the school.

In addition to providing standard core classes, Hudtloff also places a big emphasis on other activities. They encourage students to participate in an extracurricular course, such as band, art, drama, or sports. A robotics course helps to engage kids in STEM-related programs. Having such a well-rounded system ensures every child is on a path to long-term success.

Clover Park High School

High school is a turning point for all teenagers, and the staff at Clover Park High School in Lakewood wants to make sure every student can reach their full potential. The school encourages students to go the extra distance and offers a range of classes to do just that. Whether a child wants to earn college credit with advanced placement courses or prepare for a job in the STEM industry, this campus offers the tools needed.

Students can also enjoy their time at Clover Park by participating in one of the many clubs. Drama remains very popular at the school, and musicians can play in the band. Those who prefer competitive activities may choose to sign up for the swim team or bowling league. This school offers enough opportunities to encourage social interaction while still providing a solid educational foundation.

CPSD Open Doors Program

A traditional school environment is not the right place for every student. The school district in Lakewood recognizes this. That’s why they created an alternative school called the Open Doors Program. Students entering this campus develops a personalized graduation plan. Regular counseling sessions provided help to ensure every child meets their goals.

The school provides a flexible attendance program, which helps to eliminate any barriers that may prevent a student from succeeding. At-risk teens, including those with learning disabilities or behavioral issues, often find this if the best learning solution for them.

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